FS19 Marwell Manor Timelapse #1 First Harvest


The FS19 Marwell Manor Timelapse series starts as we go directly to our new lime-spreading farm in field 18 using the Ford 8340 and Bredal distributors. Then we get help to show field 18 so we can prepare it for sowing. While our new worker is working, we have the chance to jump into our new Claas Lexion 780 and harvest the barley in field 15. We end the leasing of a Claas Quadrant 5300 Press and pack the straw.

Marwell Farm Manor de Oxygendavid

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🎼 Music used under license from Epidemic Sound

▶ 1. The journey is not ours (SLCT remix), Daniel Gunnarsson feat. SLCT

▶ 2. Somewhere new (Daxten remix), Conditional feat. DAXTEN

▶ 3. Keep on waiting, Ramin feat. Adilynn

▶ 4. Going around, Coma Svensson

▶ 5. When time is right, OTE enjoys. Easton

▶ 6. We can talk now, Mindme feat. Ed Mills

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