Farming Simulator 19 | Talking Tractors #12 | Farmall 706/806


Welcome back to another episode of Talking Tractors. Today we are looking at a clamping mode for Farming Simulator 19 Farmall 706/806 by International Harvester. Join me, exploring some real-world stories and information about this set of tractors and take a look at the way itself. Thank you for watching and don't forget to like, subscribe and comment.

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Mode Description and Link:
FARMALL 806/706 V1.0
~ Flat top guards, round guards, tops, tops, Hiniker and ICB cabin
~ Weight options
~ Single and with wheel weights, Dual with or without wheel weights Single and dual single configurations and a dual configuration for the plug.
~ IH 2350 Front Loader Option
~ Stock pipe with rain cover or chrome curved pipe
We also added some of the new features that the FS19 has to offer, such as the suspension of the seat, the working brake and throttle, hydraulic plugs and trailers behind the tractor. It also includes a moving tachometer needle. This machine has been tested on plows, disks, distributors, etc. to make sure it can pull well and does not stand up when the weight is placed on the back. There may be a few minor errors and I would appreciate it if you would tell me the guy in the comments, but otherwise enjoy it and happiness!



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