Farming Simulator 19/Pre-Release Gameplay /episode 6


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M.A.G Merchandise:

Armstrong freight and armstrong transport stickers:

how to sign up for your boarding cards:

for vapa stuff check out house vash rushden:

Talking about my health and answering questions

configuration / cost / how we got into the games

ALMAR SKRS changes facebook

ALMAR SKRS Change Shop

ALMAR sifter:

SIM LAB Simulator P1

sound modes ets:

for the Facebook gaming community facebook:

brand armstrong discord-

for installation info check out room video tour:

sim rig PC specs:
i7 8700k processor
32 Gb DDR4 RAM
ASUS z370 strix base card
Corsair 850i psu
Graphics EVGA FTW3 GTX1080TI
2TB hard disk
3 tb hard drive
240 GB SSD
The Corsair AIR 540 case

SIMLAB P1 simulator
SIMLAB monitor station
Fanatec clubsport v1 base wheel
Fanacec clubsport rim BMW
Fanatec clubsport Hub with OMP rim
Fanship clubsport F1 wheel
Fans clubsport pedals V2
Fanatec clubsportv1.5 shifter
custom button button with twin joysticks
3xsharp 40ich screen1`



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