Farming Simulator 19 ч44 – Продал лошадей на 700 тыс. Купил новый трактор!


Новый трактор 500 л.с. and the speed of 60 km / h, the equipment for him and a new 1,200,000 plan
👇Review the Farming Simulator 19, Graphic Input Video, PC Configurations and Programm
🌐 Stepan Xolera channel – simulator (ATC, ETC2, Farm simulator 2013, FS 15, FS 17 and others) and strategies (Planet Base, Anno 2205, Cities: Skylines, Aven Colony, HSM etc.
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his newborn babies with a choppoey subscription
and do not count the ставить лайк – мне будет приятно!
👉 Стримы по ферме будут по Mondelka, среда и пятницам, в 19.00 (Киев)

👉 Моды и сейвы:
💾 Скачать сейв (42 Series)
💾 Fashion Collection

👉 My PC, specification:
Intel Core 7 Processor 4771 (3.5Ghz-3.9Ghz)
Video Gigabyte GTX 1070 8Gb
Samsung EVO 480 120Gb solid state drive
Память 16GB DDR3
27 "ViewSonic VX2770 Monitor
Gamepad XBOX 360
Logitech Driving Force GT

He is interested in the simulator farmer:
👉 Village Poolevo fs 15
👉 Семейная ферма
👉 Start the tractor fs 2013
and many other things, убедитесь сами!

👉 Game Farming Simulator 19 versions
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📧 forjobs (dog) ukr (dot) net

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Play Farming Simulator 19 is a farm simulator that expects to work in different farming, buy, pollution and animals, maintenance and technical repair, using various tasks-charming. Это неспешный симулятор сельхотреженика-предприемач.



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