Farming Simulator 19 ( Неудержимые фермеры. ) Советую посмотреть.


Three modes

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The new farmer. That's exactly what, read more. Engage your own business farmer with advanced training techniques and accessories. This is a new post. The game is not a difficult game of gambling, even in gambling.
Agricultural Director. Download from the previous mode to receive such a product, you get a total amount of time. We do not have techniques or farms. Before you start construction and spit, how afterwett! In terms of development, it is not a real estate economy. Also, please remember, when you have chosen your to try the best prices to buy a lot.
Start from scratch. Выражение "How Sokol" – How you make your valet. Это хардкорный режим Farmer Simulator 2019, where you get all income with zero. Truth has been overthrown and practiced. All hotel's guestrooms have all the conveniences expected in a hotel in its class to suit guests' utmost comforts.
Новый формат фермы

In the place of purchase of the spring police units of destinations. On a level, you can find the most convenient: unmanaged playground, ready field, forest. Themes, what are the plans for building garages and animal areas, such as where to handle.
Farming Simulator 19 (Неудержимые фермеры.)

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