Cotton | Farming Simulator 19 MP | Estancia Lapacho – Ep 2


Working with the new type of culture in FS19 multiplayer – Cotton.


After my experience of running a server on FS17, I now have a zero tolerance policy for trolls.

Simply put it:
If you start moving on the server, I forbid and I will never disappoint you, so do not bother you. But I know most of my audience is respected, so it should not be a problem for you.
(It sounds harsh, but it has become a joke on 17)

1. Be respectful – NEVER abuse others. Racism, sexism, illegal language, hate speech, nepolitic images, personal images, name calling and any other forms of abuse will not be tolerated. Any abuse will lead to a permanent ban. Absence of oath or use of% ^ * $ & symbols instead of jury words is not allowed.
2. Do not spam
3. Do not post a person's personal information without your permission.
4. Never threaten another user
5. Do not jump on the farm – Choose a farm and stay in it.
6. Please do not act as a moderator if you are not a moderator.
7. If you want to promote your own channel, videos, live stream or social media, please keep it on my discordance server in the "promoteyourself" channel.
Failure to comply with all these rules will result in a ban – without exception.
8. Do not be AFK for more than 5 minutes.
Thank you

Server Details:

Continenal Europe – Official Daggerwin server – tractor type for password without apostrophe

You will need Estancia Lapacho

Music by the Epidemic sound



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