BEST FS19 TRUCK MODS! (CONSOLE AND PC!) Farming Simulator 19


In today’s video, I give you guys a list of my favorite truck mods. There are 3 console mods and 3 pc mods. If there are any more requests, please let me know down below. Mod downloads below.

90s F Series

Artist Jack GMC 2017

2020 F Series

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The Whole FS19 Nebraska Series:
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1. Q: Where do you find your mods?
A: The answer to this is mod network. It is a secure site that many YouTubers use.

2. Q: Why do you only play by Ty?
A: Ty has been my friend for many years now. I would love to start doing some single-player videos soon though.

3. Q: How often do you upload?
A: I have recently been uploading daily. I like uploading earlier in the day, but that doesn’t always work with my schedule.




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