80's Style Farming! Tour of NEW Roleplay Series! | Farming Simulator 2019


I wanted to take a brief tour of our upcoming RP Series 80's Style. You go through all the ideas. And you get the boys' opinion about it!

PCs for Apex games (10% discount using the discount code: "Squad") –


The Squad Instagram-


MODS (Places receiving modes)

(There are no ads on this site, the site is hosted by me)

(Has a few more mods, then Mod-network)

(The best truck modes and other different modes out there)

(Good equipment comes from this group)

How to install Mods-

* I stopped connecting specific modes due to the reduced risk of releasing a private mode. I will not post any changes or answer any questions regarding "Where did you get this mode" because the mode can be found in the links above if it is public *

# FarmingSimulator2019


1. How do you get the game?

You can buy the game here (PC version) –

2. Can you get modes for Xbox One or PS4 (talking about FS19 not FS17)?

No, you can't get any of the good modes, as I have. You can get a few small console modes

3. Where do you get your changes from?

Mod-Network (AD Free) –
Some of the best Crazy Mods-
Some Facebook groups with realistic realistic modes-
Custom edit group-
JHHG Modding-

4. Why is the team called if it is only one person?

This channel started as a few people, as it moved into the agricultural simulator, it just ended up being me (Grant). Now I have my brother (Spencer) in a few videos too, so I thought I'd keep the name "The Squad".

5. Can I play with you?

In most Livestreams, I keep a few places open for people to join. Livestreams are usually every Saturday at 5:00 PM Central Time. In order to join the live stream you must have each mode that I use on that server. Most of the time I will let you know what modes you will need for streaming the day before (so Friday). .



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