10 Million CHALLENGE | Nordfriesische Marsch | FS19 Timelapse #6 | Farming Simulator 19 Timelapse


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The North Frisian March with the first productions.
Version 2.2 Seasons and Global Company ready
– The map is ready Seasons Mod, the snow mask and some lakes also freeze
– All productions and items are ready for the seasons
– the members of the canal and the labyrinths moved
– Global Company ready, all productions are rewritten on Global Company
– Product of pallets for flour, sugar, pellets, apples, cherries, pears, plums
– New production pallet manufacturers (empty pallets and on-board pallets)
– New hardware store for pallets
– Supermarkets are now accepting new pallets
– Production of Abkipprohr pig feed increased slightly
– Easy BGA tube for digesting
– Roads are cheaper to buy and then they can be cleaned of snow
– The texture from Silo King to BGA North matches again
– Designation of construction site and fixed trade

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