FS19 Chippewa County Farms V1.1


FS19 Chippewa County Farms V1.1
V1.1 HOTFIXIt seems in the heat of the moment I uploaded the wrong version of the map sorry! This one does have all the features previously described and to make up for it I added a second sell point and a milk sell point. Sorry for the mistake but just download this one and replace it, and a new save may be required.
It’s finally here! The day y’all have been waiting for! Chippewa County Farms has been successfully beta tested and passed. For those who dont know, the map is seasons ready, comes with 5 farms (3 of which have cows), has multi terrain angle, working grain bins that require an auger, working stave silos that convert grass and chaff to silage, 1 sell point, an animal dealer with a bale sell point, a functioning lime buy point, animated doors, and a shop and repair triggers at each farm. As always have fun with the map as it was a pleasure to make!



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