Kirovets K-700A by SJAY v1.0.0.0 – FS22


Kirovets K-700A by SJAY v1.0.0.0 – FS22– Plant manufacturer: USSR;
– Model: K-700A;
– Engine: YaMZ-238ND3 / v8; YaMZ-240B / v12; YMZ-7511 / v8;
– Price: 78000 €;
– Engine power: 235-400 HP;
– Maximum speed: 33.8 km / h;
– The choice of the main color;
– The choice of the color of the safety cage;
– Choice of cab color;
– Choice of the color of the front grille;
– Choice of lighting configuration;
– Choice of engine / gearbox: 16×4 / 16x4PS.
– Replaced engine sounds for the YaMZ-240B / v12 variant, especially for amateurs. There is only one option for now;
– According to the actual design, there are two hydromechanical transmissions to choose from. Both options are 4 gears + 4 ranges and reverse. A total of 16 forward and 4 backward. One option is to shift gears without interrupting the power flow.



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