Western Canada Seasonal Growth V2.0 – FS22


Western Canada Seasonal Growth V2.0 – FS22v2.0
Added fall planting.
Now if you plant wheat,barley,or canola in September or October you can harvest the following year in August through October.
If you plant in November harvest is available in September and October.
Sorghum planting in October will be able to harvest the following September and October.
Added an extra month to spring planting for corn and some changes to harvest for other crops while maintaining some variety in times.
Changed the initial states so if the crop can be harvested in August it will be ready to harvest.
Tested all crops to make sure they can be harvested when harvest season weather spring or fall planted and all looked good.
No adjustments to grapes, olives, poplar, grass or radish.
The AI doesn’t plant every field in year 2 but the crops still follow the proper planting and harvest cycles.



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