No wage payment v0.1.2.0 – FS22


No wage payment v0.1.2.0 – FS22An AI worker in vehicle chosen by the player get not paid. All others are paid.
– Adjustments to FS22 version
The helper in a player’s selected vehicle does not cause any wage costs
– Helper stops at 100% job completion
The helper stops and leaves the vehicle when a field job has been completed. If you want to continue you can of course hire the helper again.
Some jobs are usually completed before the field has been fully worked, e.g. for spraying, fertilizing or cultivating jobs. The vehicle is stopped so that the helper does not continue to drive uselessly and thus make less profit.
You have to work on a field but do not want to drive yourself and just want to watch how the AI drives your tractor ? With this mod, the AI driver costs no money.
New in :
AI worker stops when a field job is 100% completed.
New in :
works in sp, mp, dedi
Other helpers will be payed with 1,000 Euro per hour (realtime)



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