Helmber Winery Pack v1.0 – FS22


Helmber Winery Pack v1.0 – FS22a little bit in FS22. Having said that my knowledge about wine making is very limited to the basics of wine making since I am a teetotaller, but I am not against the responsible enjoyment of alcoholic drinks.
I started tinkering with some of the base game models and standard gameplay features and created a winery to my satisfaction. I liked it very much and decided to share my hobby.
The Helmber winery pack aims to add some more variation to farming grapes. It allows you to produce and sell red and white wine as well as sparkling grape juice. There are buildings to sell the products. Adapted in game trailers can transport some of the liquid products produced in the more complex versions of the winery.
The pack offers three ways to produce wines to suit different ways of playing.
1. A production facility in the FS22 style. Strait from the grape to the final product.
Helmber Winery Easy
2. A 4 stage production facility. This incorporates the pressing, fermentation, clarification and bottling phases for making wines as well as the bottling phase for the sparkling grape juice.
Helmber Winery Multi Phases
3. A 4 stage modular production facility. There are separate buildings that need to be placed in order to produce the final products. Line the boxes with there respective numbers on the base module.
Helmber Winery : Phase 1 (Pressing)
Helmber Winery : Phase 2 (Fermentation)
Helmber Winery : Phase 3 (Clarification)
Helmber Winery : Phase 4 (Wine bottling)
Helmber Winery : Phase 5 (Sparkling grape juice bottling)
4. There are three sellpoints for final products and one to get rid of overruns during the wine making process.
Farmers Market : Red and white wine as well as sparkling grape juice
Restaurant : Red and white wine as well as sparkling grape juice
Supermarket : Sparkling grape juice only
Sell station : all bulk liquids
5. Three trailers for the transport of bulk liquids. The are in the Miscellaneous category.
Joskin Aqua Trans 7300 Wine
Lizard MKS 8 Wine
Lizard MKS 32 semi-trailer Wine
All models are from Giants original base game. Some of the texture and hud images have been custom designed by FanFSEver. Graphical changes are made through xml file management.
I will only look at this page intermittantly and might consider some suggested alterations. Tanslations to other languages are welcome and I will try to update mod with other languages if they are provided.



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