Placeable Silage Pad Pack v1.1 – FS22


Placeable Silage Pad Pack v1.1 – FS22Features 3 placeable flat bunkers.
1. Silage Pad: 50 x 100 Feet or 5,000 Square Feet
2. Medium Pad: 75 x 150 Feet or 11,250 Square Feet
3. Large: 125 x 300 Feet or 37,500 Square Feet
4. Extra Large: 250 x 500 Feet or 125,000 Square Feet
All these pads are flat that way when you are not using them for silage storage, you can park equipment and stuff on them as well. The pads have a season mask, so during the winter you will not be dealing with the snow (it’s not realistic but it was a better choice). They are auto-leveling as well.
Change Log: – Initial release – Removed placement snapping, fixed a texture, and added a new modIcon



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