John Deere 520 Flail Mower v1.0.0.0 – FS22


John Deere 520 Flail Mower v1.0.0.0 – FS22PascalFSModding and I John Deere 520 Flail Mower from Fs15, with a Total Conversion to FS22 from Atakan. When I received Atakans conversion, it was bouncing in the shop, because the colision was too low n the ground, and it was barely impossible to turn with it attached to a tractor in the field because the friction of the wheels was way too high. Everything now work perfectly fine. Error Free.
Two version in the shop menu, one under: PowerHarrow Will cultivate the ground. (that version is the one Atakan wanted.
One under Mulcher: (shown in this video) the version I think suits the most this machine.



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