Peterbilt 359 Pack v 3.0 – FS19 mods / Farming Simulator 19 mods


About the mod:
Three Peterbilt 359 Trucks:
– Peterbilt 359
– Peterbilt 359 Tri Drive
– Peterbilt 359 Slammed
Price 24500 €
Version 3.0:
* Completely reworked the Exhaust and Intake, added bigger Stacks: Straight, Miter Cut and Turn Outs
* Added 2 more Frame Variants: Single Axle and Heavy Haul Frame
* Added drop Axle Locations for the Long Frame
* Added Dual drop Axles
* Put the Pinstripes on a Color mat so the Paint Schemes are endless
* 2 New Fender Options
* Added BC Logging Rack and bigger Wheel Option on the Tri Drive VariantCredits:
Half Assed Modding, Arlan6, Seriousmods, Status Low Modding, Jaxith



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