Vehicle Control Addon v 1.2 – FS19 mods / Farming Simulator 19 mods


About the mod:
This Script varies the steering speed depending on the speed you are driving, and it rotates the camera to match the steering angle and direction. Shift Left limits throttle, cruise control and maximum rounds per minute to 75%. With Shift Right and the cursor keys you can peek in the corresponding direction. If you press Ctrl left together with W then the driving direction snaps to fixed directions.
All functions are switchable with the following default key combinations:
– [Ctrl Left + C]: Settings
– Ctrl Left + W]: Snap Angle (continue)
– [Alt Left + W]: Snap Angle (restart)
– [Shift Left]: Throttle limiter / reduced cruise control speed
– [Shift Right + Cursor]: look forward, backwards, left right
– [Space]: Change direction (aka shuttle control)
– [[]: Gear up
– [‘]: Gear down
– []]: Range up
– [#]: Range down
– [;]: Neutral and handbrake
Version 1.2:
* Rework of Clutch
* Rework of Automatic Gear Shifting
* Load and save of own Transmission Configurations
* Only the Master User can change some Settings
* Possibility to overwrite Speed Limits
* Possibility to overwrite Rated Power and Torque CurveCredits:



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