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About the mod:
With this global script a new category will be added to the ‘Brands’ page of the shop.
The store will now randomly offer single vehicles / tools or occasionally an entire brand for a discounted base price.
Notifications will be shown at the top right of the screen when a sale starts.
During ‘Brand’ sales, maps that have been prepared for the mod will display discount signage and sale flags around the vehicle shop.
Support for flags and signage is added by default to the following Giants made maps:
– Felsbrunn
– Ravenport
– Estancia Lapacho
– Erlengrat (Alpine DLC)
Map Builders:
Please see ‘sdk’ folder for information about adding flag and signage support to your maps vehicle shop with no scripts required.
* Fixed Bug where Mod Maps could not use the ‘hideOnSale’ Feature for Map Objects
* Improved Default Map check to avoid dynamically loading incorrect Objects
* Russian Translation addedCredits:



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