Maize Plus v 1.5


About the mod:
Version 1.5:
* Heap Preview fixed, does not crash while loading/joining in Multiplayer with certrain mod configurations anymore
* Tedder Script adjusted, recognition system for drying layer should work more stable now
* Clover Fix, making clover silage in a bunkerSilo works as intended now
* Log Error and disappearing Silos in Multiplayer with non default “chaff” bunkerSilos fixed
* wet clover, wet alfalfa and wetgrass won’t turn into silage in a bunkerSilo anymore (see compost feature instead)
* M+ Filltypes can now be loaded with the Ropa NawaRo Maus
* Greenland Subsoiler added
* Brewers Grain and Beet Pulp can now be turned into silage
* DSV Seeds added (BigBag, Pallet, single Seed Sack)
* Compost Feature added
* If compost exists on the map you can now compost wet grass, wet clower and wet alfalfa in a bunkerSilo
* You can also add straw, miscanthus, lime and manure to either of the above to compost themCredits:
The-Alien-Paul, Modelleicher



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