Maize Plus Forage Extension v 1.4


About the mod:
Version 1.4:
* Added the possibility to use animalFoodAdditions.xml in a separate Zip folder, it will be prioritised and overwrites settings within the map or the ForageExtension mod itself (for more easy of use in individually adjusting feeding)
* Deuka Feed added (Beetchips, Graingrist, Mineral Feed, Power Food, Sheep Food, Horse Food, Chicken Food) each as Pallet and single Sack
* Additional Feed added (Beetpulp, Beetpulp Silage, Beetshreds, Potatoshreds, Brewers Grain, Brewers Grain Silage)
* Ruby Rootcrop Shredder Shovel added (for Potatoes and Beets – Beetshreds, Potatoshreds)
* Buying Station for Brewers Grain and Beetpulp added (can be made into silage in Bunker Silos)
* Molasses Tank (IBC) added (refillable)
* Filtered Water Tank (IBC) added
* Water Tank (IBC) added (refillable)Credits:
The-Alien-Paul, Modelleicher



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