Mappinghausen 2k21 Map v 1.0


About the mod:
– Seasons ready
– Precisions Farming ready with Your own Soil Types
– Compost can be used as an Alternative Fertilizer, spreading by means of a Manure Spreader possible get Layers
– 2 BGA as it already existed on the 17 Version, the Southern BGA can also be run as an Independent Company, as there is enough Space
– Onions and Carrots incorporated as Additional Fruit are also required as Feed for Pigs and Horses
– Eating behavior and Types of Food taken from the Tunxdorf Map
– Animals have their own Breed Names and Act differently in terms of Production and Reproduction, also taken over from Tunxdorf, except for the Fact that the Sheep do not produce any Manure or Liquid Manure this Time
– Store Sales from GTX ready, Banners are visible at Manufacturers’ Special Offers
– The Agricultural Trade
– Raiffeisen SouthCredits:
Fendtfan79, Mach1–Andy, TopAce888, Bernie_SCS



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