Kleinseelheim 2K21 v1.0.0.2 FS19


Kleinseelheim 2K21 v1.0.0.2 FS19

Let’s go to Kleinseelheim, a small place with idyllic courtyards where a lot of work awaits in the single player.


LEDLI sales point (milk, eggs) removed

Fixed foodSpillAreas in the cowshed

Tree moved to field 9

Some decorative changes


Field grass inserted (hay swath)

Horses inserted at the pig farm

Animals (horses, sheep, pigs and chickens) can only be used and visible in the PDA after purchasing the relevant farmland

2 new texture layers (Cobstone) added

Point of sale LEDLI (eggs, milk) inserted again

added more deco

Change in the design of the roadsides

Hofsilo at the main courtyard optically changed

Pig yard redesigned

Sheep and chickens changed

Silo for seeds, lime and fertilizer inserted in the main courtyard

Seeds and fertilizer can be bought at the mill

Optimized entrances to the courtyards

Fixed minor optical errors


But you can also have fun in the MP.

The map is not very big but there is a lot to discover.

All FS 19 standards are installed (except for the train)

In the game you can draw bushes (GRASSTOWN) and decorative grass (not renewable) (GRASSROUG)

Snow mask drawn for seasons

The card offers:

3 courtyards: main courtyard (owned) with cows

Yard 2 with pigs

Farm 3 with sheep and chickens

1 cowshed

26 fields,

7 meadows,

7 sales outlets,

Forests for forest work and


Multi-fruit silo in the main courtyard

Silo for grain, root crops and straw at the pig farm

A beautiful landscape is waiting to be discovered by you.

Required Mods:

– Composite Machine Sheds (By: VertexDezign)

– BGA 300KW (By: Kastor / LSMC)




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