John Deere 7030 Series v 4.0


About the mod:
Version 4.0:
* Added Simple IC Animations with Sound (Mod working with Courseplay)
* Removed old Interactive Control
* New Sounds
* Added Foldable Front Arms in FH
* Opening Door and Back Window
* Foldable Warning Signs
* Foldable Sun Visor
* Foldable Steering Column
* Added BKT Tires
* Added Fenders Configuration
* Added CB Radio Configuration
* RDA in wheels (added Tire Pressure Script)
* Added Extinguisher Configuration
* Fixed a few UDIM Textures
* New Details Model
* Corrected Lights in Bonnet
* New Sticker Configuration
* Fixed Mirror
* Other New Features and fixed Bugs
Price 115000 €Credits:
Rysiu77(Rysiu_77_), Sotillo, Wopster



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