Krone Big M500 v


About the mod:
– Power 520 hp
– Working width 13.2 meters
– Working speed 20 km/h
– Selectable Wheels
– Selectable Wheels Brand
– Selectable Light
– Selectable Speed Sign
– Selectable Beacons
– Selectable License Plate
– Selectable Design Color
– Selectable Rim Color
– Choice of Color
Price 460000 €
* Added New Customizable Contractor Decals
* New 3D Model Elements added to Front Mower
* Added New Motor Configuration Option
* Added New Decals to Interior and Exterior
* Added New 50 km/h Warning Sign
* Added New LED Beacon Options
* Added New Elements to 3D Model include Front Springs Suspension System
* Added New Language Translations
* Fixed Front Mower Collision Mask
* Added New in Cab Led Clock (Via Simple IC)
* Added New Engine Interior to 3D Model, include Opening Side Panels (via Simple IC)
* Added New Animated Ladder include Additional Safety Lighting
* All Simple IC Functions now Feature IC Sounds
* Added Shaking Engine Animation
* ModDesc updated to include Turn Signal Lever Animation
* Added Flag Options
* Added Illuminated in Cab Radio
* Lots of Minor Adjustments and tweaks to the Model overall
* Added New Color OptionsCredits:
My GameSteam



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