Glazebrook Map v 1.1


About the mod:
– Full Seasons support
– All Animals are built into the Map
– All Brand New English Real Life Farm Models Custom made
– Custom Lighting Engine xml
– Animated Objects
– Includes all Farming Simulator 19 Features
– Custom Soil Textures (Melfoy), Distance, Grass, Ground Textures
– Two Cow farms & 2 Sheep Animals which include a Farm & Field
– Many Sell Points around the Map
– 108 Fields small, medium, large which are all to scale and correctly
Version 1.1:
* Roads fixed for Console Players
* Fixed Animal Feed Trigger and Straw
* Fixed Shop Triggers
* You can now place Sleep Trigger on any owned Land
* Removed Collisions from Cats Eyes in Road
* Map best suited to New Farmer ModeCredits:
steves mods



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