FS19 Lely Tigo XR 100D v2.0.0.0


FS19 Lely Tigo XR 100D v2.0.0.0
– Dynamic hoses added
– Improved clip distances
– Correction of attachment height
– Ambient occlusion correction – no unnatural sharp edges
– additional options for tires:
– !! When using optional tires, you must set the correct height with the drawbar! Otherwise, the rear wheels may not rotate. Also, some mods could cause the wheels to fly over the ground (tested with Deutz 6.81) !!
– (standard tires are like in Reallife 710 / 50R26.5)
– The optional tires 800 / 40R26.5 are 90 mm wider, but slightly smaller
– The optional tires 680 / 55R26.5 are 30 mm narrower, but slightly larger



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