FS19 Cow Pasture Open with NO CLEAN v1.0


FS19 Cow Pasture Open with NO CLEAN v1.0
Cow Pasture Placeable v1.0 By BLINKT
What is the mod?
His placeable cow pasture with cowshed + NO NECESSITY CLEAN
What’s in this version?
– Mod belong to only small cow pastures
– Increased size of the entire willow You need a large field to place this willow
– Removed fences
Move crap and crap away from the stable
– changed position of the water tank
– changed position of the milk release
– More straw added to ground
– Little enlarged size of all triggers
– Elevated Navmesh / waypoints where the cow can wal
– Increased maximum number of animals from 50 to 150
– Do not be clean is always 100% clean
Please let us know if you have found an error or an error



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