Cork County Map v


About the mod:
– Seasons mod supported
– 48 Fields ranging in size from 0.146 ha to 25.095 ha
– 9 Different transport missions with 25 possible transport spots
– Bulk refill stations at the vehicle shop (some equipment will not refill from bulk)
– Train system with 2 silos and 2 selling points
– Large main farm area with
– 1 farm house with an extra garage
– 1 farm barn
– 1 medium shed and 1 large shed
– 1 Double bin farm silo with train loading and unloading
– 2 farm silo extensions
– Total farm silo capacity: 800000 liters of any bulk type
– 6 large forest areas.
– BGA (must purchase farmland it sets on to use)
– 2 wood selling points
– Sheds placed around map to store goods or equipment
– Field jobs on fields not owned
– 5 fields with grass missions
– Traffic and Pedestrians
– Very helper friendly layout
– 4 gas stations
– Water available at the green water hoses
– Water available at the end of the boat ramp at the beach
– 63 farmlands
– Emty lots available for farm expansion
– Grass, bushes, and decoration foliage can be painted in landscape mode
– A total of 12 selling stations, each with different prices
– All animal pens aready installed on the map (new farmer only)
– A nice selection of starting vehicles (new farmer only)
* Fixed Farm Silo Placement over Train Tracks
* Added Farm Silo without Train AccessCredits:



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