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About the mod:
With these storage facilities you will be able to store most conventional pallets, even GC production pallets. Not only that but you will be able to do so, automatically. In the warehouse, you can store up to 264 pallets in a large, 31 x 52 meters storage space while in the shed you can store up to 48 pallets in the more compact 12 x 26 meters space.
Automatic loading is simple. Just bring your pallets to the unloading zone and push the buzzer (it’s red). Your pallets will be unloaded in the blink of an eye on to the next available shelf spaces. For the warehouse, the unloading zone is located outside the loading dock and, for the shed, in front on the right side.
To retrieve your pallets, simply walk up to any rack with pallets stored on its shelves and you can activate a convenient dialog. In the dialog, you will be able to choose which pallets you would like to retrieve and on confirmation, they will be moved to the pickup area. For the warehouse, the pickup area can be found between the door and the loading dock. The shed’s pickup area is in front on the left.
But, if you need it done “the right way” and a more manual approach is required, the automatic warehouse and shed offer you the flexibility to do it manually too. Whether unloading on to the shelves or picking from the shelves you can do so manually with your favourite lifting device. Even if you loaded the shelves automatically, you can unload them manually. Or, if you loaded the shelves manually, you can unload them automatically. This storage system offers you the ability to do things which ever way works best for you.
Seasons ready
Shed Price 28000 €
Warehouse Price 87000 €
* Fixed Multiplayer SupportCredits:



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