Farming Simulator 19 | FS 19 – Как быстро погрузить тюки ? | Кооп на карте Фельсбрунн #2


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Проблемы с погрузкой тюков in FS19?
Start showing how to make a suit! Забудь про автопогрузку!


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FarmingSimulator19 – Video games game series developed by Giants Software. Main genius of games – farm simulator working. The latest series of games (February 2017), Farming Simulator 17, entitled October 24, 2016, and once the success of the series game. Everything for a meal with the sale of thousands of copies.
In version 20 in version 9, version 6 was released for PC versions and 3 versions. Download the mobile game version, Farm Simulator 19.
Download the Nintendo Switch, which lets you connect to a new player. Expand your Focus Home Interactive series battery packs.

The envious is a farmer, named after a park of technicians, who has no volume and is not a basic capital. Initiation techniques are allowed for employment.
Read more, the scores below. Modification of the field includes, for example, in the field of protection of soil, culture, culture, organic or promptitude. If, in the case of agriculture, it is pet and louse.
Selling urojai, igrok receives igrosu lottery, which can be purchased by new technical and technical, life, new and object statistics. Statistical information is not relevant to activities in the field. You can sell or ship in particular bunkar, ожидая более выгодных цен.
The fertilizer can be created in the bank. You can also enjoy various activities, especially technical entertainment. In IGRE Farming Simulator 19 booking posts for more activities, to use a car to get a team. The game was used to achieve realism, but to facilitate the processing of more difficult conditions to get away from the real.
For example, field size, common with urose, product prices, but the main value – in gambling. Everything is processed by the projection to get a shorter time. From one day to the next. Every day, for a different day, for example, you can reach the city or the city. In this case, the days and notions change.

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