North Frisian March Map v 2.9 – FS19 mods / Farming Simulator 19 mods


About the mod:
Version 2.9:
* Map is now ready for the 2.4 Production Pack
* New Pallet Types of Oat Flakes, Oat Milk, Millet Porridge, Soy Milk, Soy Shredded Meat, Popcorn, Vegetable Corn, Potato Sack, Onion Sack, Carrot Sack, Pasta, Spaghetti and Tortelloni, Vegetable Soup, Tomato Soup, Chicken Soup, Hay Pellets, Straw Pellets, Wooden Barrel, Beehive, Grain, Fruit Schnapps, Vodka, Whiskey, Honey
* Bank as a Sales Station for Cash Cassettes
* FillTypeCategory name = “Liquid”
* Canal Members and March residents up to House No. 45 up to dateCredits:
FedAction LetsPlay



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