FS19 Tonar 95411 Articulated Grain Trailer v1.0.0.0


FS19 Tonar 95411 Articulated Grain Trailer v1.0.0.0
It’s time for you to download the Tonar-95411 articulated grain trailer for Farming Simulator 19.
This FS19 mod resembles the real-world grain trailers made by the Russian company Tonar.
And it’s a nice replica.
Not extremely detailed.
But good enough for most of us.
FS19 Tonar-95411 Facts
The capacity is almost 100,000 liters…
Here are the most important facts about this duo of grain transport trailers:Brand:
Category: Trailers.
Base price: 46,000 and 52,000.
Capacity: 31,500 and 40,500 liters.
Tip options: Side tipping.
Selectable colors: No.
Selectable wheels: No.
High capacity grain hauling duo…
There are not any design configurations at all.
And the FS19 version doesn’t have the cover found on its real-world counterpart.
But the model looks good as it is.
And it works great in the game without any errors showing up in the log.
Side Tipping Trailer
The thing we like the most about this mod is how it unloads the cargo.
The side tipping function is ideal for unloading inside buildings or selling points with roofs.



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