FS19 STEYR 8090a Turbo SK2 basic v1.5.9


FS19 STEYR 8090a Turbo SK2 basic v1.5.9
Hello, now the time has come, the Steyr 8090a Turbo SK2 in version 1.5 will be put at your disposal.
Version 1.5.9 Steyr 8090a Turbo SK2On user request:
– Steyr 8080 SK2 added (group gearbox)
(Stey 8090 SK2 (group transmission) has been replaced by the 8080 SK2)
– Snow chains are now gray
– Moddesc revised
– Lighting again slightly revised
– Radsets extended
– FL console; Stoll Super 1 added
– Steering slip revised
– Digi Tacho buyable (Design Kofnoi)
– EHR buyable (Design Kofnoi)
(In FB there was already the V1 basic version for testing)
We will not make as many models as in the previous LS versions because we often already leave the motivation after 6 years of active conversion. But we also try to release other models like: STEYR 545 Plus.
Baisisversion; Basic version means that this model will be extended / updated. We will not rename the zip file, so you can continue a game without having to buy the vehicle every time.
Info / Data to the original:
Engine: STEYR WD 411.88 (~ 3.5l 4 cylinder) with turbo
Driven: Synchronized STEYR Group Shift Reverse Gear with 16v / 8r gears, 37kmh
Construction period: 1987-1994 with SK2 cabin (Super Comfort 2nd generation cabin (SK2))
Dead weight: 3400kg
Power: 80 hp
Tank capacity 96l
Now to the model:
It’s not perfect but it’s fun to drive 🙂
Lesnik FH fix installed
new original sound recording
The tires with different rims are available. (everything from the LS19)
The same wheelsets were also available “without kotis” in front
for selection (can be bought in the shop).
The standard wheels are free, the wheelsets “wide tires” and “twin wheels” (ZR) cost something.
We wish you much joy and fun with the mod 🙂
MfG yours
STEYR Modding Team
(unkwnon000, steyrmodder, Domi, John)



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