FS19 Production pack (forest) v1.1.0.0


FS19 Production pack (forest) v1.1.0.0
The mod adds 5 new FillTypes and 4 new productions
New in V1.1:
– New FillType: wooden box
– Added wooden boxes production
– Small sawmill added (the demand was so big) Thanks to Kevin98 for permission
– Revised FillType (Europallets and board pallets from Kastor (FS19 Placeable Sawmill Pack) are now also included
compatible with my productions)
– New shop pictures
– Pallet production volume reduced
– minor bugs have been fixed
New FillTypes:
– Squares
– Boards pallet
– Tree trunk pallet
– Euro pallets
– Cardboard pallet
New productions:
– Sawmill
– Tree trunk packaging
– Euro pallet production
– Cardboard box production
New objects:
– point of sale (pallets)
Important the latest version of the Global Company is required!
Editing and uploading the mod to other sites is NOT allowed!
I have a permit for the MrHector cardboard pallet!



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