FS19 Lizard End Dump Bulk Trailer + Pup Trailer v1.1


FS19 Lizard End Dump Bulk Trailer + Pup Trailer v1.1
V1.1 Changelog:
– Fixed issue with pup not being able to be loaded from a silo
– Fixed file path error in log
– Updated mudflaps to have rubber texture
– Update mudflap Lizard logo
– Added configuration to remove mudflap logo
– Added wheel chocks to pup trailer
Tip: Lower the lift axle on the pup trailer to reduce sliding when loaded
For those who are wondering why there are so many axles:
In Michigan, trucks are allowed to weigh 164,000 lbs and have 11 total axles (8 trailer axles). The axles can carry no more than 15,000 lbs each to prevent road deterioration. The allowance of 164,000 lbs is double the Federal law of 80,000 lbs. Since trucking is a big part of the Michigan economy, this law reduces the number of trucks, reduces fuel consumption, and lowers freight cost.
I am still looking into the possibility of getting this mod on console.
Thanks everyone who reported issues. Please report if you find any more. Enjoy



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