FS19 Frontequipment Pack v1.0.0.0


FS19 Frontequipment Pack v1.0.0.0
Version Frontequipment Pack
(Gewichte für die Steyr Serie 80 Modelle)
Hello, here are released various devices such as front loader, weights ect. Suitable for the Steyr models or other tractors.
Hydrac Autolock FL:
Some will already know the FL, was released a long time ago in FB (STEYR Modding Team).
Thanks to Buzzard Modding for releasing or using his Hydrac sticker.
! LOADER console; Hydrac Autolock!
Must be installed with the GE in a tractor, and may also be released.
Is not perfect but better than nothing: D CREDITS:
Model: Giants Software, SMT
Texture: Giants Software, Buzzard Modding, SMT



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