FS19 FDR Logging Mods Pack v1.0


FS19 FDR Logging Mods Pack v1.0
Mod Patch Notes (Jan/31/2020)
New Mod – Timberpro 765 Black Widow
New Mod – Lifted Giants Truck
New Mod – Utility Trailer
New Mod – Autumn Valley Logging Map
Error Correction – Fixed Issue That Caused Mass List Of Errors Due To Duplicate Specializations On Loading New Game/Equipment
Error Correction – Fixed Issue Where Game Would Constantly Try To Rebind Existing Key Bindings Causing Slow Load In Times
All Maps – Trees Physx Update (New More Stable Trees For Grabs And Use Of All Machines, Not As Slippery On The Ground And In The Grapple)
All Attachments – Weight And Balance Adjustments
All Trailers – Added More Weight For Less Bouncy More Weighting Hauling Feel
All “Tires” – Fixed “Dark” Blackout Look In Dark Areas With New Specular, Now Brighter In Dark Areas
All “Tires” – Made Better Mud Spread On Tires
All Buncher Heads – Added Butt Plates Cover On Top Of Cutter Saw
All Buncher Heads – Collision, Spawning And Overall Functionality Improvements
Cat D6k Dozer – Removed Winch Due To Conflict With Skidder, You Can Now Use The Skidder To Winch While Using The Dozer For Plowing At The Same Time
Fixed Power Clam – Added Cylinders
Forestry Grinder – Improved Cut Speed And Detection Of Ground Logs/Bits For Grinding
C350 Buncher Heads – Improved Grip On Collector Grab Arms, Easier Grabs Less Chance Of Trees Getting Stuck On Blade
Small Arm Dangle Head – Slight Size Increase For Better Log Grabs
Giants Hauler Truck – Added More Weight And Pull, You Can Now Pull Multiple Machines On Same Trailer
Giants Hauler Truck – Tons Of Stability And Hauling Improvements
Barko Forwarder – Has Wider Bunk On Back For Loading More Wood
Barko Forwarder – Now Lockable To Lowbed
Barko Forwarder – Fixed Missing Axles
Cat535d – Fixed Missing Axles
Lowbed Trailer – Fixed Sliding Issue When Machines Parked On It
Lowbed Trailer – Lowered Frame And Ramp, Easier Loading/Hauling
Lowbed Trailer – Removed Dirt From Planks Had Weird Repeating Texture Effect
Cat 551 – Fixed Issue Where Stick Would Shoot Up In On First Spawn Of Machine
Cat 325fm – Fixed Description Issue Saying It Was A Madill
Cat 325fm – Fixed Missing Pin And Offset Cylinders
Madill2850 – Fixed Missing Pin And Offset Cylinders
Tigercat880 – Fixed Missing Pin And Offset Cylinders/Boom
Linkbelt5040 – Fixed Missing Pin On Stick Cylinder
Timberpro 765 – Fixed Light Blocks Sticking Into The Cab
Timberpro 765 – Fixed Visible Bolts Clipping On Top Of Cab
Tigercat Clambunk – Now Lockable To Lowbed
Sawmill – Improved Collisions And Cutting Ability When Feeding Logs Into Grinder
Mod Patch Notes (Jan/10/2020)
New Mod – C-350 Buncher Head In Both Red & Yellow
New Mod – Small Arm Dangle Grapple (Works Best On Forwarder)
New Mod – Pulpwood Grapple Which Model Credit Goes To “Lias” Amazing Work Buddy Big Thanks!
All Mods – Every Mod Has Now Been Re-Textured With More Realistic Looking Materials, Colors And Variations No More Cartoon Looking Stuff
All Mods – Various Model Corrections For Any Holes/Faces/Normals Or Missing Parts (Thanks Lias)
All Mods – Various Weight And Stability Corrections For Better Operation
All Machines – Now Have Better Mud Textures On The Full Chassis And Tracks, Some Machines Have Mud On The Cab As Well But Some Only On The Lower Half
All Machines – Now Have Heavier Sluggish Controls To Imitate Hydraulics, Its Only A Slight Change But Might Feel Weird At First
All Tracked Machines – Fixed Tracks So Sides And Rollers Are All Lined Up Proper, Cleaned Up
All Tracked Machines – Fixed Track Width So It Matches Perfecting To Track Visual/Collision Width
All Attachments – Every Attachment Now Fits On Every Machine Regardless Of Size, Small Arm And Full Size, This Allows Anyone To Do Any Combo They Want
All Plow Blades – Now Spawn Level With The Ground When Purchased
All Dangle Attachments – When Using Tilting Heads On Machines You Can Now Press “G” To Lock Out The Tilt Function, Pressing “G” Again Will Allow Tilting Of The Head.
All Trailers – Now Have Added Joint On Back Of Trailers To Add The Pup Trailer To Build Road Trains
All Maps – Random City And Wrong Sounds Are Now Removed, Only Ambient Sounds Of Nature On Whole Map (Thanks Myrithis Catalyst)
Dangle Head Processor – Has Been Reworked And Balanced For Better Operation, Can Still Glitch If Your Operating Violently, Just Don’t Go Crazy Swinging Trees
Highstacker – New Grapple “Pulpwood Grapple” Which Model Credit Goes To “Lias” Amazing Work Buddy Big Thanks!
Fixed Head Processor – Secondary Claws Have Been Added Back By Popular Request With Full Operation In Sync With Primary Claw
Dangle Clam Grapple – New Claw Type, Easier Log Pickup
Wasp Processor – Lowered From Grab Claws For Better Log Pickup
Timberpro – Fixed Head Tilt So It Has Better Curl Range For Dropping Logs With Buncher Head And Processor
Timberpro – Fixed Track Floating Higher Than Other Machines Issue
Barko Forwarder – Fixed Head Tilt So It Has Better Curl Range
Pup Trailer – Can Now Be Attached To Any Existing Fdr Trailer As An Extra Attachment
Sawmill – Fixed Issue Where Logs Would Get Stuck When Fully Loaded + Improved All Infeed Collision Walls
Sawmill – Sell Prices Slightly Reduced
Sawmill – New Grinder Textures
Sawmill – Ugly Loading Ramps Replaced With Iron Bars, Moved Ramp Back A Put For Unloading With Smaller Machines Near Front
Discontinued Green Forwarder
Discontinued Grapple Saw
Discontinued John Deere 2154
Discontinued T800 Kenworth
Discontinued T800 Kenworth Self Loader
Mod Patch Notes (Dec/07/2019)
All Maps – Log Weights Significantly Lowered, This Provides The Best Weight For Machine Operation
All Machines – Universial Controls/Sensitivity Across All Crane Arm Attachement Machines
All Machines – Tracks No Longer Slide Or Turn While Turning Cab Of Machine When On Lower End Pc Or Low Fps Times
All Tracked Machines – Huge Update For Smoother Driving Balance And Opperation
All Wheeled Machines – Huge Update For Smoother Driving Balance And Opperation
All Attachements – Weights Lowered For New Log Weights And Better Overall Machine Balance
All Trucks – Fixed Issue That Caused Trailers To Jump Back When At Full Turn
Grizzly Mountain – Removed Plot Sections For Purchase, Whole Map Bought Like The Other Maps Now
Waratah Fixed – Made It So Only 1 Set Of Claws Close, Other Set Has Been Reduced In Size For Log Support, Faster
Processoring Easy Grabs
Small Arm Fixed Clam – Adjusted Collisions And Shapes For Better Log Collection
Timberpro Tl765 – Fixed Fps Drop Issue
Barko Forwarder – Balanced Suspension And Turning As Well As Brake Stopping For Smoother Travel And Log Collection
Barko Forwarder – Fixed Exit Point Issue Getting Stuck In Cage
All Trailers – Now Have Slight Amount Of Slide On Tires So They Don’t Jump At Full Turn
Med Log Trailer – Is Now Black Instead Of Red To Match The Other Trailers
Lowbed – Reduced Weight And Balanced Suspension For Smoother Hauling
Kenworth T800 – Fixed Issue Where Exhaust Stacks Where Shiny Reflective
Kenworth T800 – Reduced Weight And Balanced Suspension For Smoother Hauling/Driving
Kenworth Self Loader – Reduced Weight And Balanced Suspension For Smoother Hauling/Driving
Giants Hauler Truck – Reduced Weight And Balanced Suspension For Smoother Hauling/Driving
Highstacker – Fixed Issue Where Head Would Get Stuck Sideways At 90 Degree Angle
Highstacker – New Remodeled Grapple
Sawmill – Replaced Stakes With Inner Drop Plates So Loads Of Wood Can Be Dropped Into It Like A Bowl
Sawmill – Added Lights For Nighttime Unloading
Sawmill – Increased Sell Price For Wood
Discontinued – Ultility Grinder



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