FS19 Excavators and Dumpers Pack Mouse edition v0.1


FS19 Excavators and Dumpers Pack Mouse edition v0.1
– Corrected the textures CAT 9016b
– Inclued on pack the trailer for load 9800
This pack contain excavators and dumpers. The mods have a autor and I keep the credits the original modders, I only convert the mods to FS19.
This is mouse edition. You can control all excavators movements only with the mouse without conflicts if you use default mouse config. If you have conflicts you need remap the controls on controls menu.
All excavators have the bucket collisions reduced to be more easy load the materials.
If you don´t like the mods don´t play with. There are many mods, so use another to do the same.
This pack is created by Nonnus and was thought for FS19 Mining & Construction Economy map.



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